Hey guys IM looking for some good advice on my second cycle. I havent been keeping up with this site sense my last cycle about 1 year ago. I want to go on this cycle for all of the wrong reasons, i am sick of hearing how much smaller I am getting. Its wild how I lost lots of my mass but I am still solid as a rock and I have most of my strength still.. The last cycle I was running nolvo 20mg ed, and was doing 250mg test e every 3.5 days. I was using qv test e in the 25ml bottle, I didnt refrig this bottle after my first cycle. Will the test be ok the way it is or should i sterilize it somehow. I sware I had a infection in one of my ass cheeks the last time from something not being sterile. Also I have notice that nolvo may not be the anti of choice anymore. This is going to be my second cycle:
500mg test e/wk 1-10 weeks
25mg dbol everyday for 1-4 wks
nolvo(not sure on this yet) 10mg ed
3wks clomid pct.

the most important thing,, can someone tell me if this bottle may need sterilized? IM worried about this for some reason.

Thanks bros