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    easy way to get a script.

    just thought of this, but couldn't you go get your test levels checked while on pct? Your levels would obviously be lower so wouldn't they just provide a script for test ? I don't care to do this just wondering if it would work.

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    It can be a difficult even for a man with legitimate hypogonadism (low testosterone ) to get the proper medicine prescribed. Many physicians will simply refer you to an endocrinologist and, 2.5 months later when the endo tests you, even if you are still low, they often deny treatment. Or give you Androgel . Or do a stimulation test.

    Lots of work. Might it work? Yeah. But this kind of stuff also ruins things sometimes for guys that really do need legitimate TRT.

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    Go to one of those sports clinics or youth rejuvination clinics, dont know about where you live but there all over vegas. The prescribe steroids to peeps just like Oasis does to people here. go on PCT like you say, should get somthing..!!

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