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    What is the HPTA equivalent called in women?

    Uh, it says I have to write something here... but really - that's all I wanted to know. Unless some one feels like saving me the trouble of searching for info on the term when I do get the answer from one of my helpful brothers.

    Which would be ... when women get exogenous androgen treatment - do they have a similar mechanism that down-regulates? And what the hell atrophy's if so? They're LABIA??? lol

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    most of womens androgens are synthesized by the adrenal glands or the ovaries. Adipose tissue can induce excessive androgens in women (cant remember the mechanism). I duno bout the downregulation on women but I guess for sure it has to be a lot diffrent. Since female sex- hormones control the menstrual cycle the feed-back system is IMO a lil more complicated. Didnt check any of this so some can correct if I remember wrong.

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    the woman is mistery !

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