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    Propa Test/Winny

    My friends tell me a cycle of winstrol /propa test is good since it retains less water and u get large strength gains. I'm 6'2 260 and beer made me fat since high school (college student now)

    i'm not sure what to do, i want to get bigger but i don't want to retain water and look fatter.

    any help?

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    It appears that you want to bulk?? when bulking you always gain some fat so I would continue with diet-cardio-hard training, until you get to a lower bodyfat then start a cycle, this way you are not adding fat on top of fat. Diet is key bro, stick around and keep researching. If you are adament on doing a cycle now then let us know and we will help as best we can.

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    Welcome to the board Ron,

    Do you already have a workout program going and your diet together, if not drugs aren't the answer.

    What's your body fat? How long have you been working out?

    your age should play a part in your decision. Being 20 you might want to wait, but it's your body and your call.


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    Its about 19%. which isn't bad considering all the crap i've eatin over the last 6 months.
    i recently started to work out again, but not at the gym (time constraints)
    doing pushups , crunches, 6 inches, and body squats
    along with shoulder exercizes 2 times a week (i have some free weights in my apt.)

    i'm a smoker, so its REAL hard to actually cardio, i wish i never started
    i love basketball though, so i been trying to cardio doing that but i'm not sure how long is good (considering a 30 minute jog or bike ride)

    My diet isn't bad in the fatty sense, its a college kid diet. Some days i won't eat, others i eat only tuna, some days i over eat (good stuff but in excess)

    I don't drink anymore, so beer isn't an issue.
    i lifted regularly for 3 years, i tried i cycle of clen (against the advisment of my friend, who said i should have done a mass cycle before i tried the cutter)

    i'm confused, any help will be appreciated

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