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    Test length for first cycle?

    Hi guys. I'm pretty much new to cycling, but have been reading for a few years. I have 30 ml of 200mg/ml test cyp and have just completed my fourth weekly injection of 2cc's. I have enough gear to run this current cycle for 15 weeks, but i hear most people on here recomending doing only a 10 or 12 week cycle for your first. Anyways, my question is how long can i run this cycle? This is the way it looks right now

    Weeks 1-(12or15) Test cyp - 400mg/wk
    followed by proper pct, with 100 25mg novlas on hand just in case.

    Some info about myself is that i am 6'0", 178lbs. When i first started the cycle i only weighed 165lbs so im up 13lbs already. I eat like a madman and take lots of protein.

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    Run it for 12 weeks........ sounds like your gaining well on the cycle so keep up the eatting.

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    When the gains stop, up your calories to support more gains


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