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Thread: Roid Flu????

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    Roid Flu????

    Last Monday I injected myself, suffered bad hits to the injection site in football that night, was unable to walk basically until late thursday, I had the worst pain of my life and a softball size knot on my ass, there is still some pain, but little swelling. Friday night I started to feel flu-like symptoms, I woke up Saturday with a temp of 102, very painful body aches, chills, and all that wonderful stuff. Anyway, yesterday was much better, and today I feel fine. I was wondering if this could be related to the roid shot gone wrong, or did I have one of the fastest recoveries from the flu I've ever heard of.

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    Sounds like you just had some test flu. That's normal for a lot of people.

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    Ask big'r... he probably has a study on it.

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    if you have a knot the size of a softball, i would definatly get that looked at, thats a little too big

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    if you exaggerating then u probably didnt inject it deep enough into the muscle that was my common mistake before i knew any better

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