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    AAS and shortness of breath??

    Lately I have been having a shortness of breath. Not at all while training just all throughout the day. Has anyone else ever had any problems with this?? Obviously I want to make sure my heart is in shape but I cant still go run a mile at the same rate I have always. Just a little concerned b/c I started a pretty hefty cycle about 5 weeks ago and still have 10 left.

    I'm signing off now and wont be back on for 3 days. When I come back I'll check this thread and most definitely with a Doc.

    All advice/info is always greatly appreciated from everyone. Thanks a lot guys!!!!

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    All I know Im in the same boat with u.. I only have 2-3 weeks to go but feel winded all the time.

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    Maybe just a cold, but the best thing you can do is see a doctor. Im sure you guys are fine im having a little bit of breathing issues myself cough ect. but i went to the doc checked the heart and nothing to be concerned about. Just see a doc and you will feel better. It might just be a little anxeity.

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    I get a little shortness in breath on occassion, nothing too big but it is noticable. Dosen't effect my weight training though, but running ... it dents it just a bit.

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