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    At a Loss...Please Help!!!

    Alright guys, I'm really at a loss to figure this out. the gear tht i have is as follows:
    10 ml dbol @ 25mg/ml
    10 ml 200 test e
    10 ml sust 250
    20 ml of fina convert 2 tren @ 200mg/ml

    what is the best way to stack this stuff? i am not able to get anymore gear except for the tren. please help me ok. this is going to be the 4th time. thanks for ya'lls input.

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    you really can't construct a cycle out of only 20ml of test...

    get some prop and more fina, run them for 12 and 10 weeks respectively

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    you reall cant its just not enough, test should be 400-500mg per week.

    i guess id run the the sust first, and 150mg eod. then follow up with the test, its only going to be a 10 week cycle,

    and when the test runs out, your going to want to be done with all other chemicals, so take the dbol for the first 10days i guess,
    and match the dosage of tren up to your test, and run if for 10 weeks also.

    if you only had more test.

    i wish you good luck.

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    Not meant to sound harsh but you must educate yourself before using aas. Read up and get a foundation of knowledge then consider a program. Good luck!

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