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    On keto diet now. Should I use t3?

    Sup everyone,

    I have been on keto for 3 weeks and really like it. I seem to be getting leaner and leaner. I am on a cutting cycle now with eq, test cyp, and fina. As of now I am hitting my homemade tren . Hopefully i won't get an infection.

    I am using xenadrine as of now. I really liked it and it helped me loose 45 lbs of fat. I am around 12% bfat right now and want to get down to 7%.
    I would really like to see my abs. i am hitting cardio 5-6 times a week.
    Early morning for either 20 min High Int. or 45 low. I just wanted to know if it is wise to try and use t3 while on keto. Will the test block any catabolic reaction? Or should I start taking in some carbs. Like cream of wheat, brown rice, wheat bread and less fat? i really like the keto though
    except for those hypoglycimic moments.

    Well hope you guys can help. Would really appreciate it.


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    You have to be careful with the cytomel ... It actually shuts down the thyroid for a couple of months so when you stop you can gain a shit load of fat....

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    No direct expereince to draw from but I beleive from reading that you need carbs to make T3 work at its best - Short of that you are probably shutting down your thyroid for nothing.

    CYCLEON has a great thread in the educational threads section about T3 - Might be worth a read.

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