Alright I have been looking around trying to find something and I keep coming up with blanks and in some instances possibilities but without the real knowledge to know if something would work... maybe some of my other fellow home-brewers could chip in and look at a few links I've been pondering through and see what we could make use of.... I wouldn't be totally opposed to some kind of electric pump system if we could figure out how to make it affordable and effective... they have ALL kinds of different filters in here to work with.. also some paper filters that looked like they could be used by one of the buchner filter systems sold by MacnanBio... let's get those wheels turning!

which kind of paper:

Wasn't too sure about just how this worked but read through some of the info on it... is there anyway this would be applicable to our uses?

another kind of paper... confused as to it's application but the description sounded promising so maybe?

And of course we have our standard bottle top filter. Is this the correct kind? Why are they no longer allowing us to purchase these? Perhaps they are catching on to their use in our community? And for some kind of prefilter for these could we use a paper like the ones listed above but with say a .45 as a prefilter?? Just lay it in the bottom of the bottle top filter so the majority of our oil is pulling through it before the .22 filter? I noticed I had quite a few filters that quit working only a quarter or halfway through filtering 250mL of oil...

And this is the Macnan setup I was referring to... would we just set the filter paper in the bottom of the funnel and allow pressure to hold it in place? Would we use the paper they provide on top of the other paper as a prefilter?

Everyone chip in... put a little time into reading these... Let's see what we can come up with! Post some links of your own as you come across new ideas! Thanks everyone!