Ok, here's the situation.

I'm a pro cyclist (sprinter) looking for some gains, mostly in strength, but weight as well for sure. At the mo 1.8m 76kg 8%bf.

My main competition is at the beginning of May 2006. I wish to make a bit impact, and I have two options.

Option 1:
run 3 x 2 week cycles (or any other cycles you may suggest) from 20 November 2005. Time off between each cycle is 4 weeks. I have got some acne from short cycles durting pct, suspect it may be tren , or clomid, or hormone flux. The short cycles would be prop only 150-200mg prop eod. 2 weeks clomid.

Then on 15 February 2006, start a prop cycle, and run it until 20 April 2006. As my competition is 1 May 2006, 10-11 days shoul dbe enought to get my T/E ratio legal ? (4:1). HCG 5000iu total in the last 3 weeks of cycle. PCT would only start on 3/4 May, RIGHT after my competition. Reason being that I can't run any anti-e while during competition. Question is, after a 10 week prop cycle like this, 10 days after last injection, will I be buggered? Will I be able to perform well and still do well?

Option 2.

Finish my current 2 weeker, take 4 weeks off, and start a 12 week cycle of Test enan on 20 November, until end of Jan 2006. Run HCG 5000iu during last 3 weeks and run 5 weeks pct after this.

This means that from the period 1 Feb to 1 May 2006 ( 3 months) I will not be using any aas.

Thoughts on what is best here? I know it's complicated, but input appreciated.