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    first bad pec injection

    Today i had my first problem with my injection. Everything went well upto bringing out the needle. As it was nearly out i saw blood running out and a 0.5cm lump vertical and 1 cm radius surrounding the needle. When it was totally out the blood ran quite a bit. I started rubbing the area and the swelling started to subside almost at once.

    I didn't hit a vein i'm sure since i aspirated and got the clear bubbles. This is the 6th shot, all the rest have gone with out problem.

    On this injection i changed 2 things...

    1/ it was very shortly after a pec workout.
    2/ the length of needle that entered through the skin was only 8/10's of an inch. Before i had been shoving my 1.25 inch pins all the way in. This time i cut the plastic needle cover down so that the pin could only penetrate 8/10ths of an inch.

    i use a 90(ish)degree angle for the needle so it should have gone deep enough.

    do you think either of these things could have created the bad injection or do you think i could have just clipped a vein?

    Although i hate the quad injections i may have to give them another go if i get another bad pec shot.

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    I love quad shots... Pecs... only slin, hcg , or igf.

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    i dont know what could have happened when i do my pec injections i use an 1.5inch pin and sometimes it slips and goes all the way in nothing every messed me up or caused anything like that to happen

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    Yeah, i'm going to go back to the pushing the needle all the way in. I'm sure that was the problem.

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    just because u aspirated doesn't mean u didn't go thru a vein... it happens all the time.
    what u described is a normal injection... just that u nicked a vein.. no biggie...
    if u have the mass in your pecs then go all the way in if it makes u feel better. i use a 1inch needle and go in 1 inch. i don't buy into the " what if the needle breaks off??" crap... unless your needle is defective it isn't gonna break off while doin a shot. the kind of force needed to break a pin off in u would leave u with worse problems then the needle breaking off in u... your shit would be torn up...

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