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    Question Moving from natural to juice?????

    Chaps ive been training since I was 16 I am now 23 (5"11) my natural weight as around the 11.5 Stone mark and after years of eating nothing but chicken and rice as well working hard I cant move from 13.4 Stone I eat around 4500 cals a day but play Rugby twice a week box, once a week and do weights twice a week. My metabolism is very high that’s why I eat so much. I wana hit the juice but Im concerned about the health implications i.e. heart enlargement as I do so much CV. Just for ref I can squat 140Kg’s three sets 7 reps and haven’t moved for months what would you recommend taking with out getting bitch tits and how safe is injecting??


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    Well people could definetly help you better if you gave us your stats (maybe im dumb but I have no idea what stone mark your stalking about) Wieght, body fat. I mean if your trying to bulk up you would need to cut back on your cardiovascualr some or it wouldn't do you no good. Tell us what your goals are.

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