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    Can someone see if my diets in check for my first cycle

    week 5/day 1 test e cycle
    The weight in the gym keeps going up up up., but my weight has been the same.
    I was wondering if my diet seemed somewhat ok. Heres just an example of what I had today:
    1.Bowl of fiber1/w 2 cups of skim milk
    2.6 eggs/4 yolks
    3.Can of tuna
    4.VERY thick salami and cheese sandwich on rye
    5.granola bar
    6.40g of whey shake/w 2 cups of skim milk/2 raw eggs
    7.30 shrimp cocktail
    8.3 paks of oatmeal/w 20 g of whey protein

    Usually I eat baked potato and try veggies and steak or chicken for dinner but tonight I just pounded shrimp. Thanks for any feedback

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    in the garage

    THIS is where you need to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by peump
    Agreed............ not enough food to grow and some of the food is questionable.

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