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    Quick Question, please help

    I knwo this is the steroid forum, but ive posted numerous times in the supplement section and nobody has question is : has anybody taken 4ad and received good results? I am currently taking it without a estrogen blocker because I was told it would interfere with the andro... I have 6oxo, but am hesitant to use it... what are they chances or geting bitch tits, I am not prone to it....
    thanks guys, any input would help

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    i could be wrong, but i dont think anything that you can get a gnc will cause gyno problems? but who knows bump

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    The point of no return.
    Why would you want to wast your time and money on near gear?

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    Personally I wouldn't use 4AD. Spend your money on food, which you are probably lacking enough of already. What are your goals and why turn to prohormones?

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