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    Test E and Dbol Stack

    Hey yall,
    I am about to start the following cycle and have a question:
    1-14 Test E 500mg EW
    1-4 Dbol 40 mg ed

    After reading some research by Hooker, I noticed that stacking with Nolva thru the cycle hinders muscle growth. Should I stack it with Arimidex (.25ed)to prevent gyno instead of Nolva and wait till PCT to use the Nolva?

    Thanks Bros

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    I would use nolva @ 10mg/day.... it will mainly hinder water retention, and has little effect IMO on muscle development.

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    yep.. you can also wait and see how your body responds to steroids ..

    especially since it sounds like this is your 1st cycle..

    but to be safe, you can do ldex, and do nolva during pct.. either way you will get results. but by trying each then you can compare them..

    each is different
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    For a first cycle 30mg dbol and 12 weeks test should be plenty. I always use nolva with a cycle that includes dbol.

    1-4 Dbol @ 30mg ED
    1-12 Test E @ 500mg EW
    1-14 Nolva @ 10mg ED
    1-14 A-dex @ .25mg ED
    15-18 Clomid @ 100mg ED
    15-18 Nolva @ 20mg ED

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    for what you may lose in gains its not worth it,,take 10mg-20mg ED nolva,,,any prevention is better than any cure!!

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    Awesome guys, thanks for the help.
    I'll stick with the original game plan with nolva throughout. I plan on starting around oct 24 or nov 1.
    Thanks again

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    I may be one of few that do this but after a gyno scare my first cycle I would rather be safe. I actually run nolva 20mg/ed and 40mg/ed alternating weeks. I am at 2.5 weeks of the same cycle as you and am up 9 pounds so obviously it isn't hindering my gains too much. Better be safe than sorry bro. You don't want tits.

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