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    Some DnP help PLease

    i'm on 200 mg a day today is the third day
    Still feelin ok bit tired and head hurts a little but otherwise fine.
    I have started sweating at night, also been going to the bathroom for a no 2 2x a day now is this down to the dnp speeding up the metabolism ?
    So how long should i wait before uping the doseage i was thinkin like 2 more days or so

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    gonna bump this as i need some advise on this

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    It all depends on the type of cycle you want to run...You can get good results using 200mg per day for 3 weeks and be pretty comfortable the whole time or you can increase the dose for as long as you can tolerate it...Increase it slowly until you know how much your body can handle...Go ahead and up it to 400mg. per day for 3-4 days, if you can handle more, go to 600mg...split the caps up throughout the day...Most people find 600mg to be about the tolerable max...I've used 800mgs per day for 5 days and had to come off because the sides were so bad...My eyes were died yellow and I was sweating 24/7 and sleep was damn near impossible...

    Dr.Evil may be of more assistance than myself but it's a pretty good place to start...

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