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    Exclamation IRON USAGE (mods,vets plz look!)

    Hi Guys!!

    Greetings from Mediterranian!!

    I am using iron pills for my endurance,increasing RBC (Im dealing with boxing) and Im planning to use it while I will be on a cycle. How long should I use the pills? Does it have a certain dosage? I would be appreciated if u help me on this issue.


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    Most steroids (especially EQ) will increase your RBC. You should be getting enough iron from your diet and multiple vitamins. Iron isn't excreted from the body, rather it's lost through hair, finger/toe nails, skin flakes, etc. The average person only needs about 1mg of iron to replace what they lose.

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    iron is lost when we bleed, thats why men and women have different multi vitamins... mens have no iron (most) if your levels get to high it is dangerous but maybe since you box you bleed ed or lots anyway. i don't know but i won't take iron

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