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    Bruised and training

    Sup bros

    I've got a baseball sized bruise on my quad above my knee. It's purple, yellow, and black. THis isn't from an injection or anything like that. I just want to know If it would be a good idea to work my legs with the bruise or not. It hurts and it's ugly. I just don't want to risk injury cuz I go pretty heavy on the legs. Or should I just wait until next week?


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    Well, if at all possible, wait a while. I know you wanna train hard, but train smart too. If you have a ruined back, you obviously don't do deadlifts. If your leg needs to heal, let it before you put it through strenous training

    Go with how it feels and use your head. Only you can really determine if you're good to train it or not...

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    i would say if its just a popped bloodvessel go for it ... but if you actualy took a blow to your leg of some sort ... let it heal

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