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Thread: virgin thigh

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    virgin thigh

    hey bros,
    was shootin in my delts for the past 3 weeks. today started week 4 of my test E cycle. i decided to start it with a bang. shot into the quad with 25g 1 inch. i pretty much went all the way in, there was like a centimeter sticking out. and i good to go on that? i aspirated, no blood, just bubbles. First, i was like oh sh*t, then i started to poke slow, dot ask cus im the type of guy who likes weird pain like that. anywyas, it stung for a second until i heard or felt a pop and in she went. like butter all the way down. ahhhhhhhhhhhh then i pushed the golden goodness into the muscle and now the pain is arising. (virgin muscle pain)

    my question is the not the whole way in with the 1 inch alright?
    am i gonna be hurtin tommorow? shot bout 1 hour ago, and no i gotta go to bed.

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    I use 1 and a half and I get all of it in. 1 inch is kinda small to not go in all the way unless you have small quads.

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    I inject quads with a 25g 1" which I push all the way in. Quads will get sore when being broken in. Inject slowly, and massage afterwards.

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    for me it depends on the gear. BD I never have pain, only a little soreness for a few hours. QV, watch out that shit hurts me.

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    it depends on where you hit. my first quad shot wasnt' bad. then i tried my left quad and it hurt like a bitch for days. it was VERY painful. inj slow and your good to go.

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    i have stayed away from the quads...i dont know why..fell in love with delt shots

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    I really don't like using the quads, after the injection I have to ice the site down for a few minutes. The next couple of days I still feel a little pain, I like the glutes I never have any pain.
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    Quads can be a killer the following days after a shot. Esp a virgin muscle and fast injection.

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    delts inj hurt me more than quads. don't go in ALL the way, always leave some sticking out (like .25 inch) in case it breaks off while in your leg.

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    glute, delts, quads all the same to me bro. Nice and slow your f***in good to go. Quads u wanna use at least 1 and quarter inch.

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    1 1/2 " for the glutes..

    1" for everywhere else..

    if you hit bone.. then use a shorter needle..

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