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    Test 250 and Deca 300

    So I am doing 1cc of Test 250/ 2 week and .75 Deca 300/ 2 week.

    Should I increase the amounts after the first few weeks? I have just ordered more stuff to last a good 3 months. Suggestions?

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    I have started my cycle as follows:

    weeks 1-3 30mg Dbol (kick start)
    weeks 1-10 300mg Deca
    weeks 1-12 500mg Test E

    mixing the test and deca in one shot once a week.

    You should always run test 1-2 weeks more then Deca.

    250mg of test a week won't give you great results IMO also it takes up to 5 weeks for the test to fully kick in.

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    week 1-12 500mg test but if ur test is sus go eith 125mg eod would b better
    week 1-10 300mg deca
    week 1-10 10mg nolva ed
    start pct after 2weeks of ur last test shoot
    day 1 300mg clomid
    day 2-11 100 mg clomid
    day 12-22 50 mg clomid
    2o mg nolva ed through out ur pct

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