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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cutting Cycle

    My friend wants some suggestions for a cutting cycle?

    I recommended that he do cardio and adjust his diet for a couple months before he starts. HE is a former Division 1 lineman.

    Cycle history;
    Test Cyp 300 mg week 8 weeks
    EQ 400 mg week 6
    DBOL 30 mg a day 4 weeks
    with clomid at the end.

    6' 2.5" 300 lbs. 25% bodyfat estimated right now

    He told me he cant handle everyday injects so what are some suggestions


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    25% bf he should really try n lose another 10% bf before he goes and starts usin roids mate.get him on the treadmill and sort his diet out 1st.

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