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    First cycle question regarding dose & gyno

    Hi - I had gyno as a teenager and was wondering if I'll be safe on my first cycle. Currently into week 1 of 10 and am taking 200mg/wk of test cypionate with a 1mg Arimidex on Mondays and Thursdays. So that's 2mg of Arimidex per week for the entire cycle.

    The reason for the 200mg dose vs everyone's recommended 500mg is just to remain on the conservative side, since I have no idea how my body is going to react. I'm 34yrs old and have been lifting for just over 15yrs naturally and finally have decided to take the plunge after getting my most recent bloodwork back. Total Test was 429ng/dl, and for a 34yr old, the doctor said I was on the low end of the range. He said optimal for me would be 900 or so, hence the 200mg per week dose.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments...thanks to all in advance.

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    i would take .25mg arimidex ED, and for gyno, start at 10mg nolva/day, and bump to 20mg if you see gyno symptoms

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