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    I need some diet advice for this cycle. Thanks

    800 mgs Test Cyp and 800 mgs of EQ / wk
    Plan to run it for 10-14 weeks

    My stats:
    200 lbs
    bf around 15%

    My goal is to gain 10-20 lbs of lean muscle and lose fat.

    What should I eat? Amt. of Calories, types of food? Please help. I know I should eat chicken, tuna, rice, oats, etc. Just not sure how to structure it. I don't want to be a food nazi, I'm not trying to compete or be on a magazine cover. Just want a healthy diet that will yield good results with rest and lifting. Thansk for any a dvice.

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    head to the diet forum here and check a bulking diet...what's your cycle history?

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    check out the DIET FORUM

    there is alot of info for you there

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