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    research chemicals n drug tests.

    I got a question, just out of curiosity. Now the reasearch chemicals that are "not for human consumption" i.e. clomid, cialis, t3... if someone were to get into some shit with the police and be tested would having any of these in your system be illegal use of some sort? Just curious thanks yall

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    cops won't test for clen .

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    cops dont check for anything other then a breathalizer for alcohol if ur driving...if u get caught with juice i dont think they'll drug test you to see if ur taking it...all they really care about is if youre possessing it or selling it...u cant get arrested for having juice in your system,,,if they did test u it would prolly be to your benefit because it would show that it was for personal consumption and at worse they might make you take a drug educational course for a few weeks or something...but i doubt they would even take the time or money to give u a drug test and test for anything

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