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Thread: Sus 250

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    Sus 250

    though I am taking prop/winny for my 1st cycle my buddy is taking sus 250/winny. He heard that sus 250 is better w/oral winstrol but he has injectable winstrol. Does it matter? Also, since he is a beginner, 250/wk is plenty, right? When should nolva be added?

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    Sust and injectable winny will probably be painful for a first cycle. Prop will definitely be painful. BTW he can drink the winny if the injections are unbearable.

    Unless he is a tiny little guy sust @ 250mg EW seems low to me. 400-500mg EW is a good starting point, IMO.

    I'd suggest a single ester test for a first cycle. Cypionate or Enanthate . Only 2 injections per week and less pain that sust or prop.

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    Bumpin Eggz, single ester is better IMO. But we get what the market will allow.

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