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    shoulder pinch pain, fight it or drug it?

    After completing shoulders last night, my left front shoulder felt strained or pinching...this didnt enable my power or strength, it just hurt like a I continued, but afterward I iced it and hit the hot tub for 15 minutes......should I worry or does it sound like a simple strain????

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    Do some cardio and legs for next couple of days and see how it feels. I think it's just simple strain that you've aggrivated with youu intensity. Hope you feel better in few days. I think you will.

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    be sure to listen to your body me when i say you dont want to end up having shoulder surgery..2 months + and i still cant lift =\

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    I've been through that shit demented-I can relate. I've had arthroscopic surg. on my left shoulder due to not listening to my body and pushing through pain I shouldn't have. It put me out about 6 weeks. I'm still limited as far as certain exercises I can do because of my shoulder. Definitely play it on the safe side natural-if you're feeling any pain there next time you workout you should have it looked at, or you'll pay for it in the long run.

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    shoulders are probly the most common injured area for lifters, and other athletes also. i would say to ice for 20 minutes 3 times a day foe 2-3 days... then go back to your training and see how it is, and you can then heat 20 minutes at a time for 3 days also, it can help. i dont know exactly what kind of pain you are having, but i have had serious pains after lifting a few times just because i lifted all out in a new or alterate exercise then usual... stay off it for atleast 2 days though, regardless if you wake up and think everything is cool, peace.

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