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    swapping test in cycles..advice please

    Im doing this cycle now
    week 1-13, 125mg prop eod
    week 1-10, 400mg deca ew
    40mg anavar ed
    20 mg nolva ed

    proper pct( not exactly sure the gear or dosages for this but my mentor is going to help me with this)

    what I would like to know is if I should do the nolva the whole length of the cycle and if I wanted to substitute another test for prop in the middle of the cycle(mainly so that I dont have to inject eod) what and when should I do it. Im not really concerned with getting huge, but I do want to add muscle and take fat off(im a martial artist), with minimal water retention, after pct and a little break I will do a cutting cycle. I feel great and am getting good results, i am on week 3. Im all ears for any suggestions for this cycle, also should i run the anavar the whole cycle, i know it's expensive but im not concerned with that, i like the fact that anavar makes you hard with little sides and water retention, thanks.

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    If you're thinking of changeing the test then you should do it now. You would still need to run the prop for a few weeks after you add the test. For bloat you will need to add l-dex or ltro.

    Yes run the Nolva throug the cycle and PCT.

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    like mudman said... if ur goin to add test do it asap. u will have to run prop for i wanna say 4 more wks becuz cyp and enth takes around 4-5 wks to "kick in" i would only take nolv. if u notice bloat and dont want the water retention but with deca u will hold a good amount so i say run it 10-20mg's thru out ur cycle depending how well u react to it. as for the var i run it for the last 4 weeks so u will drop some water weight for the most part.. harden up and look more vascular.

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    thanks guys. as for the var, it wont hurt to run it the whole cycle though will it? i know that alot of people run it at the end , but i figured where im not concerned about getting huge, it would be a good idea for water retention and the quality of it and just to have an oral with the injections...what the hell it's only money.( i heard thats the major downfall of var)

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