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    clen with my cycle??

    I just posted "swapping test in cycles..advice please" and got great feedback by a few people(thanks again MudMan!!) like I said in that post I am doing a var, deca and prop stack and I am not cencerned with getting huge, if i do thats not a problem, I just want to put muscle on and shed fat, so could I put clen in this cycle to help with the fat burning? Or should I just wait for pct? I am a martial artist and i get LOTS of cardio and I am working with a certified fitness trainer who is a great powerlifter who wins many competitions and Im in the gym doing a bodybuilding workout 4 days a week, my diet and exercise and sleep patterns are good, so just wondering about the clen, i have it on hand. thanks

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    Some people report having problems doing cardio type activities while running clen .I never had that problem.What I don't like about Clen is it's ability to make you somewhat insulin insensitive.That I have noticed while running it.I feel somewhat "flat" while on clen.A few days after I discontinue use,I get that "full" look and feeling again.So for me anyway,it appears to effect my glycogen storage to some degree.


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