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    SuS/Cyp cycle????????Overkill

    Could someone knowledgeable settle a disagreement I am having with another individual..
    He want to run a SuS/Cyp Cycle..
    That would go something like this..
    SUN A.M. 200mgCYP/1CC
    TUE A.M. 125mg Sus/.5cc
    Wends P.M. 200MgCYP/1cc
    Friday P.M. 125mg Sus/.5cc
    Then repeat...
    650mg wk of test.. but mixing the cyp with the sus..
    I told him I thought it was overkill..I'm on just a 250mg bi weekly of Sus myself.. but he has 20ml of 200mg Cyp, and 10Ml of 250mg Sus and wants to use it all.
    Which would total...10 weeks 20 pins of Sus and 20 Pins of Cyp over 10 weeks..
    Any opinions would be appreciated. If I'm wrong I'm wrong, but I'm a minamalist..

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    It's a little wacky.But technically there is nothing wrong with his cycle idea.


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