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    First Cycle Advice

    I just started my first cycle of super test 300, teste 100, testc 100, and testd 100. First i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this blend. Second I really concerned about side effects, mainly gynecomastia . I started my cycle 3 days ago but i feel a tingly sensation in one of my nippes. Is this all in my head? Should I purchase an anti-estrogen?

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    you should always have an anti e on hand b4 u start ne cycle just in case u need it, and as for ur situation it could all be in ur head but if u think ur gettin gyno then yes u should add some anti e in ur cycle just to be sure, just think about it its better to be safe then be sorry bro

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    take nolva 10 mg ed about ur test blend i never heard about it but all it`s esters r long acting esters so u will c gains after 4 or 5 weeks of it but what r ur doses & for how long u gonna run ur cycle & what about ur pct?

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