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    Question 1st time using Winstrol

    Ok here is the deal:

    Im 21yrs old
    5ft 9 180 pounds
    about 17% body fat

    I am about to take oral (not pills) winstrol 6 TO 8 weeks to harden up my muscles and gain a little size and strength. I dont know how much to take, or what to do.
    1. Should I do alot of cardio while on it
    2. should i diet, or eat alot of protein
    3. What should I take to help my liver
    4. Is a an anti-estrogen or should I take clomid
    Any suggestions?

    I would truely apperciate it


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    You should not take it at all, oral winstrol is oral winstrol, wether it is liquid or solid doesn't matter. You need to do a bit more research and you will come up with a good cycle.

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    What do you want to do? Cut down on the fat side or gain muscle? You cant have both. And yes you should do 45min cardio ED and diet. 17% is something you need to look into. When you get close to 10% then just on a bulker. In any case do some research.

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    listen, you need to lift - eat right - rest. Get that stuff down first. I am 5'10" and 236lbs(weighed tonight) with about the same bf as you... I think that is pretty fat(just like me), but what gets me is your weight. 180lbs. This tells me you do not have a base to even work with. Diet look in that forum, training look in that forum... Do these things first and you will be much happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gettinjacked
    1. Should I do alot of cardio while on it
    2. should i diet, or eat alot of protein


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat

    i second that...

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    Lose some weight first and train naturally is the best bet man. 180 @ 5'9" is on the smaller side I would say, then to add that you are carrying 17% bf I just think its right that you diet and train naturally until you can reach around 200 lbs and around at least 12% bf before you start any AAS.


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