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    DNP questions plus some dirty on me

    Well im on day 4 of dnp (2nd day at 400mg) lost 8 lbs of the scale but I carbed up heavy before i started my carb depletion Wich was 8 days ago so that water is gone . So far so good last nite i sweated alot but slept(ive been on sleep meds for the last 4 months. Its weird though sleep meds knock me out quick but it took a while last nite (Trazadone100mg Sleep aid)I knew this was gonna happen im sweating mad right now and ny head is hot(took eca 9:00 am this morning and its 2:45) I was gonna ask if upping my dose to 600mg after 2-3 days would be ok. A little background on me. I have been clean 4 the last 4months before that was on heavy androgens over 1000mg week more than 1 type, gh ,test, eca, t3 50mcg lethal doses of painkillers to much to list etc for over a year no breaks.I used to sweat so much at nite i thought that would be my last. when i stopped 4 months ago my test was at 0 and everthing else supprisingly was not that bad . Prior me starting DNP I was tested and Everything was above average (Super healthy and my test level,well my doctor asked if I was back on the sauce again it was that high. I know it was from eating super healthy ,sleeping and belive it or not novadev xt(No i dont work for them) I was ripped and didn't even lose much size.
    Now im off on a rant. anyones opinion on upping to 600? Alo5603 anyone
    Im gonna post this here and start a new one
    OH ya I know I was a f****ing retard but if you must feel you must remind me thats all good to

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    i think you are fine with the dose you're at. why up it if you are getting great results already? i only lost 14 pounds in 12 days and that's after the water came off and i went to 600mg. stick with what works.

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    Welcome to the Lounge.

    The last place your thread belongs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    Welcome to the Lounge.

    The last place your thread belongs.

    This is the second one in like 3 days

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