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Thread: PCT help please

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    PCT help please

    I am going to do a 16 week cycle of test enth 500mg ew and deca 400mg ew
    i am running the deca for 14 weeks and the test for 16,and gonna do 10mg ed of nolva. I need help with the pct, i read the educational thread on this but still have questions. exactly what should i do for pct, i know to start it 14 days after my last test injection, thanks.

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    Try Pheedno's protocol, it is listed as a sticky in the PCT forum.

    Pheedno's PCT

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    I would simply increase the dosage of nolvadex to 40mg ed until you feel that your natural test production is back to normal.

    I also add 50mg of clomid ed for one month as well. But i keep the dosage low and the duration no longer than the one monthe because of the possible side effects. Some use one or the other, but i use a combination of both simply because i aim to make my pct as effective as possible and it has always worked for me. But nolvadex only will suffice.

    Also i find that hcg during a cycle greatly increases the effectivness of my pct, as there is no risk of my testes being desensitized to lh.

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