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    Need help from experienced users. The more responses the better.

    I am currently finishing my last shot of sustanon 250. It is my first time using steroids and I ran a 10 week cycle of 2 shots a week and made great gains. However, I recently purchased clomid and I know I have to wait 3 weeks until I start my PCT. However, I am confused about the dosage should I use 300 mg on day 1; then use 100 mg for the next 10 days; followed by 50 mg for 10 days? Or listen to the person I bought them from and use 100 mg week, 50 mg week 2, and 25 mg week 3? Also, half the clomids are white with a line on one side and nothing on the other. He said he ran out of those ones so he had to give me the other clomids that are from romania. They are little and blue with nothing on them. Are they real?

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    This is an opinion on protocols... I personally use 100mg ed for 3 weeks and drop to 50mg for another. Again everyone is different, the 300mg is a frontload that after I did once I will never do again, some just run nolva... If you are unsure of your source, then buy some clomid right here on the top right of your screen. Expensive but real.

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    frontload by 3oomg day 1 then 100 mg for 10 days followed by 50 mg for another 10 days with nolvadix 20 mg ed while ur pct

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