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    Adding T-Bol in at end of Var-only Cycle?

    Currently in week 3 of var-only cycle. Running 65mg's ED, for 8 weeks.
    I am considering adding in 4 weeks of t-bol during weeks 4-8 or right after week 8 of the var.
    I know this is potentially controversial, but whatever, I need to know what people more educated than me on this matter (hopefully) have to say about it.
    I would love to hear anyones and everyones suggestions.
    I appreciate it.

    ps - 23, 6'3', 210, 11%bf, pro athlete, looking to cut, gain strength, and put on a couple pounds of LBM. thanks bros.

    pss - if i were to add the t-bol in, how would that change the pct for the cycle (i was planning on running clomid after the var).

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    Bump. There was a bro out there a little while ago that was the king of var/tbol.

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    5,609 need to be running some prop in there with your var....but your not and since its only an 8wk cycle I won't try and convince you otherwise.

    IMO stick with the var for 8wks and thats it.....don't add Tbol and don't extend your cycle with Tbol. Complete your 8wks and run the proper PCT.

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