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    t3 and double cardio sessions

    my diet is perfect ..and cardio is done 1hr every morn on my 3 rest days a week i usualy go again and do cardio for 45 mins when i wouldnt normaly hit the this 2nd cardio session needed when on t3 or am i increasing muscle loss with this

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    That's quite a bit of cardio for one day... I would just stick to the AM session if it were me.

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    hey wasup bro, i have a bottle of t3 at home that im anxious to start using........but the thing is i dont really want to run any sort of anabolic substance............are u using any AS right now with t3?? (i know that you will lose muscle mass but..) is there anthing else, anything at all that you can take with t3 besides as???

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