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    to cycle or not to cycle, that is the question

    hey bros, ok here it goes, ive done 2 cycles so far. i was planning on a third but i wanna have a surgery to remove my gyno first.

    now ive read that if u remove ur gyno its harder to get gyno again next time, but ive also seen the opposite of that, that its as easy as before getting gyno again.

    im very gyno prone and dont like using orals like dianabol and anadrol .
    my question is, should i cycle before doing the surgery, in that way i can use drols aswell or should i do it after surgery with no orals?

    ps. ive got a pretty nasty case of gyno, so i dont want any breastmilk or anything lol....

    thnx for any help

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    Get you tissue removed before cycling. I would but make sure they are taking everything and not just enough to look normal or you might have problems again.

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