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    Trainer needs gear info please

    My trainer is a powerlifter with many years under his belt of natural training, he is 5 foot 7 , 195lbs and 15% bf, at competition time he cuts his bf and he is benching 375lbs, deadlift and squat is 500lbs, I am doing a deca and test prop stack and he is thinking of gearin up but wants something that wont make him put too much weight on because he wants to compete under the 200lb range, he wants to get stronger of course, any suggestions on a cycle for him? Also an important factor would be something that wont stay in his system too long because there is a chance of him being tested, especially if he wins, thanks!

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    i know a couple PL'ers that use abombs for strength. if he getting tested i wouldnt mess around

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    I'd say anaver. Good strenght gains with little weight gain. Also leaves system quickly being an oral. Might also want to run a low dose of test prop or supinsion for libdo. The leave our system faster than all the other test. Also have him run an Anti-E if adds the test to keep the water weight down. Hope that helps

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