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    Nolva not working?

    I have been taking Nolva for about 4 weeks now taking 4mL ED. The reason I started taking the nolva was b/c of presumable gyno, I have puffy nipples with rocks under them as well as some type of discharge if i squeeze them. The rocks went down in size over the 4 weeks i was taking the Nolva, yet the rocks are still there and the discharge still occurs. I previoiusly went to the doc and he told me there was nothing I could do, which I do not believe is true. Is the nolva just not going to work, or is there something else I can take? I have only done 1 cycle of Winstrol only and that was about 5 months ago, therefore i do not believe this is steriod related. I need some help, thanks in advance!

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    ML is a volume measurement. With out the mg/ml info there is no way for us to know how much you are taking.

    Nolva will not cure gyno. There has been some speculation as to whether letro can help with existing gyno, I have my doubts.

    Surgery does indeed cure gyno.

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    You should get a new doctor! Mine sent me to see a breast specialist/surgeon (she was smoking hot by btw) and she removed my gyno from M1T for only a $15 I got it in my other nip and got to get that one removed also for another $15 sweet it is to have good insurance

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    You could try letrozole , also try taking some B6, it kinda sounds like progesterone gyno to me, and this may help with the lactating. I would def look into a different doc, and pref one that you never even mention AAS to.

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