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    Where is a good spot to inject for Chest???

    I need to build my outer pecs better. How do i go about this.
    I want HUGE PECS!!! HUGE!!!!!!!!!

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    so whats the question where to inject or do you want workout advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by stocky121
    so whats the question where to inject or do you want workout advice
    I'm just guessing but I think he wants both.

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    From what ive read the whole wherever you shoot gets bigger is just the muscle swelling up from injection and doesnt really have the site really get bigger where ever you inject if you want just inject your pec maybe it will make you think its making your chest bigger and make you work harder in the gym.. for pics of different injection spots go to

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    I was thinking of doing bicep injections for them to grow, people told me that it doesnt effect the muscle that you inject into but ive been shooting into my glute's and my ass cheeks got a hell of a lot bigger and i dont work them out. So i think im gonna start shooting in the bi's.

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