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    fading out in week 11, why?

    im in week 11 of my test e / eq cycle. in the first 5 weeks i lost about 25lbs of fat (i was at about 25% bf now im around 15-17%). my diet is clean and im on the same workout (4 times a week for 1 1/2 hours each day). i run about 15 miles a week playing rugby so my cardio is good also. for some reason in the last 6 weeks i dont look like i have lost anymore fat, but im gaining weight. i do notice that the weight im gaining is muscle. my question is why am i not losing anymore weight (fat)? ps im on a high protien cutting diet. also my strength gains are still improving. my bench when i started was 220lbs i will be going for 300lbs on monday. so once again my question - why am i not losing anymore fat and what else can i take with my current cycle to help lean out a little more? winny? open for suggestions thanks (im running this cycle for 14 weeks)

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    No expert here but you are using long ester drugs and it sounds like the kicked in around week 5. I wouldn't complain about adding lean muscle. Just ride it out and enjoy, get back to cutting the bf% after your're off.

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    Check your diet you can do al the juice you want but it wont matter if your diet isn't right on then you wont lose any more fat. Even though your on a "high protein" diet doesn't mean that protein can't turn into fat also

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    The body usually plateaus at 15% bf after a rapid fat loss program. You need to add in clen and try interval training. Do your cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast. I'm at the same place at around 12-13% now.

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    I agree with Seattle, Ive stayed @ about 14-15% bf. I ran a similar cycle(currently in PCT), so far keeping all gains

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