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    Water retention / cycle question

    OK .. I'm starting week 3 of my:

    Dbol 1-4 (30mg / day)
    Sust 1-16 (500mg/wk / 125 EOD)
    EQ 1-16 (400mg/wk 200mg twice weekly)

    I've been running Femera (Letro) .25cc / day since day 1 ... and I've gone up a few pounds, and have the EQ hunger like mad, I've started to feel some strength gains from the Dbol.

    My question now is ... my shoulder it starting to have a little tweak with the weights going up. I know the letro is good to run, but is it blocking the water retention? I don't want to look bloated, but if it's going to make things easier on my shoulder / joints can I stop the letro and let the dbol retain water like it wants to.

    I don't think the dosages I'm taking should cause too much of a problem that I'd need to run the letro the whole time...


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    Letro is an AI and that prevents the benefits of estrogen in joints. I had a similar question recently and I went towards Arimidex to shut the gyno symptoms down and still get some benefits of estrogen. Might want to give it a thought or shut the letro down until a problem arises.

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    Arimidex is an AI that would block the water too no?

    I think I'll cut the letro out, at least I've got it on hand if anything arises.

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