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    obviously healthy food high protein is the way to go, but my buddies have been tellin me just keep eating no matter what it is and that i need the calories...i eat my fair share of chicken rice veggies and my shakes throughout the day but their tellin me i should be stoppin for a burger here and there and shit like that. is this true.

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    There is some truth to what they are telling you... eating clean is my prefered method, but your body reaches a point of homeostasis and needs a shock every so often... if you are a "hard gainer" some would eat the "crap" food for increase calorie intake and macro increase... not recommended, there are better ways of doing it.. but if bulking... dammit man, enjoy yourself... everything can be good in moderation

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    I try to eat clean 90% of the time (chicken breast, rice, egg whites, etc). My last bulking cycle I stopped gaining weight 10 weeks in so I started trying to eat more, and that included an occassional ultimate cheeseburger. I just made sure whatever junk I was going to have, it at least had lots of protein. That was maybe once every 2 or 3 days. Also would depend on how much body fat you have right now. just my 2cc's

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    Agree with you all. If you are bulking you can eat only so much chicken and protein powder. Just dont make a habit of it.

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