This board is all about learning and it as also made we realize how much of a novice I still am. I have done 4 cycles over the past three years and made some good gains.

But since finding this board 9 months ago I have learned loads and have never read so much usful stuff.

I still have loads to learn and with that in mind may be asking questions that most of you may feel are stupid.

I have all my cycle together now + PCT and cutting but I would like to now the following if any one can help.

  • Can I mix Test E & Deca in the same syringe?
  • Can I take antibiotics when cycling?
  • Am I allowed to give away unused or surplus needles away on this board? I brought half inch pins by pressing the wrong key (Fool) so brought some more and now have pins that should be good for HGH but little else.
That’s it for now, but know doubt I will think of many more before I start my next cycle in January. Not just juice but diet, training, cutting you name it, I won’t to learn and get this one, one hundred percent spot on.

I hope you will all help me and I have big shoulders so if you feel the need to flame please do so.

Cheers Grim