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    DNP and its Effect on Drug Tests

    Heres the situation:
    Ive recently tried smoking weed. I enjoy it and have done it regularly for the past couple months. I am about to change jobs and am worried about a drug test. Ive quit smoking, but theres still a chance that it will show up on a test. If I took DNP , not exculisly for the test but also for fat loss, would it help get the weed out of my system. DNP is supposed to put your body in hypermetabolism and in my opinion, I think that it would help get it out of your system faster. What do you guys think?

    p.s. I have researched the hell out of DNP and have done 2 cycles

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    Bro, how long has it been since u smoked last? When would your test be? Weed doesnt stay in your system that long, its around 2 weeks, and it also depends on how much u smoked, and how often. i would think u would be fine. if your worried about it, you could just go to the local head shop/smoke shop and pick up something there. I have a few buddies, as well as myself that have used those products, even after smoking a day before the test, and wham, clean! so they worked pretty well. As far as the dnp thing, i dont know, but i would say u probably have nothin to worry about, especially since uve already stopped smoking

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    yea, ripped is right. "The stuff" from smoothie king works also, and drinking lots of water never hurt either. I'm sure you'll be fine

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