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Thread: Deca and Test E

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    Deca and Test E

    Many of you guys run Deca for 10 weeks and Test E for 12 weeks. I would assume this is to coincide the start times for PCT.

    You start PCT for Deca 3 weeks after the last injection and 2 weeks for test e so wouldn't it be better to do Deca for 10 weeks and Test e for 11 weeks?

    Also, at the end of the cycle does your sex drive drop because you aren't taking anymore test?

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    I run Test E for 14 weeks and Deca for 12 weeks. This is because I believe it takes 3-4 weeks for the Decanoate ester to clear your system enough to start PCT. This is my personal opinion, based on my experiences with Deca.

    Your libido usually decreases post cycle. This is one of the reasons a proper PCT is important.

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    IMO Eggz has this one right on, on paper it looks like they should clear a little closer to each other, but IMO I like to make sure the Deca is gone before PCT, and 4 weeks should be good enough.

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