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    PCT Clomid dosage

    Its been 2 weeks since SUST/EQ cycle ended. I have clomid on hand I am just not clear on how much to take per day and for how long. I know there are a million threads on this, but I have to ask anyway.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wait one more week and run 100mg of Clomid for at least 30 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMudMan
    Wait one more week and run 100mg of Clomid for at least 30 days
    Mudman, I took your advice, in an earlier thread, and ran clomid at 100mg for 30 days. It brought my natural test levels back very well. I, also tried running Nolva at 60mg for 30 days (in steroid profiles section). I was disappointed with the results. My natural test levels came back much quicker with Clomid. Thanks for the valuable advice !

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