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    Dianabol, Inject or Tabs? Need Input.

    I always kickstart my cycles with Anadrol , but I was wanting to try Dbol this next cycle. I was thinking of using the Injectable Dbol. Wouldnt this way be safer than the tabs?

    I can get my hands on legit Injectable Dbol and was wondering what the pros and cons were to injecting Dbol?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    It's not much safer. Personally I hated inject dbol . I ended up just drinking it in the end. The cons as far as I'm concerned far outweigh the pros...which I don't really find any of. The injections hurt, and I don't like the brands that make inj. dbol. That's just my opinion though. If you are referring to safer in terms of hepatoxicity I think it's far overrated to begin with. I've had blood work to compare inj. 17aa vs non injecting and nothing has ever been different to any real or substantial degree. I'd just get the tabs.

    Also if you are used to drol then you should be prepared for a kickstart which is less than what you are used to.

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    Both will work the same way. The oral 17AA will survive passing through the liver. Injecting is always riskier. Infections, bad injection, etc. IMHO take the pills...goes for any 17AA.

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