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    before i jointed this board typing wise
    i read these pages trying to get a place to see
    where do i stand and yes this board is pretty
    cool, ******** is ok but i'll stay right here
    wether you like or not just kidding.
    what i really want to tell you is that i read
    the cycles this board provides, different cycles
    stacks gear you can do to fit your cycle needs
    but at the end tells you 2wks befero you finish
    the cycle to take clomid 100mg daily first wk,
    50mg 2wk this is the board sugestion,
    on the other hand USERS sugest to take clomid
    2wks after the last injection and to clomid
    300mg first day, 100mg 10days, 50mg 10days,
    now both sugestion sound good to me but since
    i doing my 3rd cycle i'm doing my effort to get
    good results and to keep them too,
    which is the best way to DO IT?
    this will not going to benefit myself only but
    others as well, if u can volunteer for the
    gooness of this board be appreciated thanks...

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    when you startr clomid depends on the halflife of the gear you used
    3 weeks after last inject for deca and sust-omna
    2 weeks after last inject for enth-cyp EQ
    3 days after last inject for tren -prop

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    i understand it but what is your point of view
    regarding anabolic crew sugestion?

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